Welcome Prealgebra! In Prealgebra, we study basic algebraic concepts and review previous mathematical concepts from elementary school. We use the Saxon math curriculum book Algebra 1/2, Third Edition. At the beginning of the year, we work hard to make sure that all students have a complete, deep understanding of the multiplication tables from 1-12. Your student will be working on whatever times tables he/she struggles with until a full understanding and memorization is reached.

This year, many assignments will be completed through Google Classroom. Please let me know if your child will need printed copies of assignments rather than on Google Classroom. Copies of assignments, class calendars, resources, and daily class lessons are available to your student through their Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Code: mozjp4

Handouts: Coming soon…

Lessons: Coming soon…

If you have any questions about what’s going on in our class, please let me know through email!