Study Tools

Here are a few of my favorite digital resources for studying. While we use these resources and more in class, it is important for students to have multiple ways to study. Many study websites also come with a free smart phone app so that students can study from anywhere. Feel free to try out some of the links below! Please always have students log in to each account with their school email and password so that they can save their progress as we do use these websites in class as well.

Quizlet is one of the first online study tools that I would recommend. We use a live study version in our classroom, but students can create flashcards, play review games, and print or complete practice tests online. Try it for yourself at

Memrise is another tool that students can use to study. It is specifically geared towards vocabulary. Students can create their own lists of words to study and play games focused on them learning the spelling and definition of any given word. Try it for yourself at

A final tool that students can use online that I would recommend is NoRedInk. NoRedInk helps students practice grammar concepts. We will sometimes use this as a class to review or study, but it is available for students anytime as long as they sign up and log in using their school Google account. Try it for yourself at