Welcome to Mrs. Wilkes’s Classroom!

This website is designed to help you, as a student or parent, stay on top of school assignments, upcoming projects, and requirements. Please browse through what is available, and use this website as a tool!  MOST CLASS HANDOUTS ARE NOW POSTED FOR PRINTING (copyright issues prevent a few from being posted). Check your class’s calendar for daily homework assignments (updated weekly) and long term projects and assignments (many are already listed).

We will cover grammar, spelling, vocabulary, various forms of literature, poetry memorization, and various writing assignments (including a research paper). For more details, see the policy sheet for each class.

All classes are require to take notes. Notes will be taken through an interactive notebook in English 7 and will be taken in a variety of ways in Pre-Algebra and English 9-10. Literature 7 and 8 notes may combine interactive style with typical styled notes.


Name must be on the top of paper.

Do not put vocabulary assignments on the same paper as grammar assignments, etc.

Homework must be handed in at the beginning of class or as the bell rings.

Rubrics must be stapled to assignments prior to class (before the bell rings) if there is a rubric with the assignment.

Students must be in their seats and working on bellringer activity for the day when the bell rings.

Homework is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, not a group project. Asking for help so you can arrive at the correct answer is different than asking for answers.

I review your homework to assess your understanding of the concepts discussed in class.

If you have any questions or comments about this website, please feel free to email me.
Mrs. Wilkes (jwilkes@fourthbaptist.org)